Zack Delacruz: Just My Luck (Paperback)

  • Title:Zack Delacruz: Just My Luck (Paperback)
  • Author:Jeff Anderson
  • Publication Date:May 2018
  • Grade Level:4-8
  • ISBN:9781454928621
  • Publisher:Sterling Children's Books

Zack Delacruz is back—and this time he has a crush!

Zack really wants to meet Abhi, the new girl at school. But things get off to a rough start when he accidentally knocks her to the ground during a game of dodgeball. And whenever he tries to make amends, she just ignores him. Nothing works—not his friends’ advice or his “lucky” cologne. In fact, he just seems more and more cursed! Then, at the Fall Fiesta-val, Zack finally learns the real reason behind Abhi’s cold shoulder . . . but not before total chaos erupts. With a runaway train, exploding confetti-filled eggs, and Abhi’s terrifying older brother, will Zack ever get a chance to talk to his crush? In the end, Zack learns what it means to to listen and to be a good friend. This dynamite sequel captures the middle-school experience—and will keep readers laughing from beginning to end.

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