RTI Daily Planning Book, K-6, The

  • Title:RTI Daily Planning Book, K-6, The: Tools and Strategies for Collecting and Assessing Reading Data & Targeted Follow-Up Instruction
  • Author:Gretchen Owocki
  • Publication Date:March 2010
  • Grade Level:K-6
  • ISBN:9780325017310
  • Publisher:Heinemann

Children’s needs differ so vastly that a single program designed to support numerous students can only do so much. More than anything else, your students need you to use your professional expertise to unravel their needs and to plan instruction that is directly responsive. —Gretchen Owocki

The RTI Daily Planning Book, K–6 makes exemplary RTI possible in every reading classroom.

Gretchen Owocki (author of Comprehension) gives you clear-cut directions and specific tools and strategies for RTI that are sensible and developmentally sensitive. She breaks the process down to its essentials:

Collecting & Assessing Reading Data

  • Gretchen’s research-based framework shows exactly what to assess and how
  • reproducible rubrics, data charts, and class checklists for ongoing assessment, gauge readers’ progress and point toward follow-ups

Targeted Follow-Up Instruction

  • streamlined strategies linked to assessments by if-then strands help you meet wide-ranging needs efficiently
  • ideas for grouping that increase your instructional flexibility and help you avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Gretchen’s authentic reading assessments give you the truest-possible sense of your readers’ abilities and open up opportunities for differentiation. She follows these with suggestions for planning and organizing Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction to meet all readers’ needs during the day.

RTI doesn’t have to be complicated. "The success of RTI depends simply on teachers engaging in thoughtful assessment that leads to thoughtful instruction," writes Gretchen Owocki. "But teachers have to be ready—really ready." Get ready with The RTI Daily Planning Book, K–6 and let it make RTI focused and effective.

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