Ramped-Up Read-Aloud, The

  • Title:The Ramped-Up Read-Aloud: What to Notice as You Turn the Page
  • Author:Maria Walther
  • Publication Date:August 2018
  • Grade Level:PreK-3
  • ISBN:9781506380049
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

What if each page of a picture book was guaranteed to enhance a child’s reading and writing tenfold? Would you ramp up your read alouds? In this remarkable resource, Maria Walther shares two-page read aloud experiences for 101 picture books that tune you into what to notice, say, and wonder in order to bolster students’ literacy exponentially.

The read alouds in this book will help teachers:

  • Foster a strong sense of community
  • Celebrate the written (and illustrated) word
  • Build a foundation for future reading and learning
  • Expand vocabulary (with a focus on Tier 2 words)
  • Support budding writers
  • Spark collaborative conversations
  • Encourage perspective-taking, empathy, and a growth mindset


Author Bio

Maria Walther is a first-grade teacher in Aurora, IL. She’s been spending her days with children since 1986. Along with teaching young learners, Maria inspires other professionals by sharing her knowledge at local, state, and national conferences. The ideas she shares reflect her continued commitment to teaching, researching, writing, and collaborating with her colleagues. Maria earned a doctorate at Northern Illinois University in 1998 was recently named The Outstanding Literacy Alumni by the Department of Literacy Education for professionalism, service, and career success. Maria has been a longtime advocate for reading aloud. She was honored as Illinois Reading Educator of the Year and earned the ICARE for Reading Award for fostering the love of reading in children.

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