Read It Again!

  • Title:Read It Again!: Revisitng Shared Reading
  • Author:Brenda Parkes
  • Publication Date:January 2000
  • Grade Level:K-3
  • ISBN:9781571103048
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

In this book, Brenda Parkes introduces new teachers to shared reading and helps experienced teachers revitalize this important teaching practice. Starting with the bedtime story, Read It Again! outlines the essential elements and benefits of shared reading and provides detailed examples which show how a shared reading session unfolds in the classroom.

By including examples of implicit and explicit teaching, Brenda demonstrates how shared reading helps children develop a range of strategies for reading and comprehending text. You will find detailed strategies that support learners in developing self-extending systems through their understanding of content and process and several examples of independent activities that consolidate and extend learning.

Good book selection is the key to successful shared reading experiences. In discussing the criteria for quality book selection, Brenda shows us how to critically assess the teaching and learning possibilities in shared reading books and how to use a variety of text types to model purpose, content, and form. The book includes an analysis of supportive text features for the different needs of emergent, early, and fluent readers. Annotated bibliographies provide a quick reference to quality books.

Read It Again! refines and extends our understanding of shared reading, and shows primary teachers how to put this valuable approach into practice.


Author Bio

As a staff developer and the author of many shared reading books, including Who's in the Shed?, The Enormous Watermelon, and The Royal Dinner, Brenda Parkes is uniquely placed to write this book. She began her career as an early childhood teacher in New Zealand and Australian classrooms and later became a faculty member at Griffith University, Queensland, where her research and teaching centered on early literacy learners and learning. She has presented keynote papers, workshops, and seminars in Australia, England, Canada, and the United States. She lives in Australia with her husband, David, and Shetland sheepdog, Max.

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