Read Write Teach

  • Title:Read Write Teach: Choice and Challenge in the Reading-Writing Workshop
  • Author:Linda Rief
  • Publication Date:April 2014
  • Grade Level:6-10
  • ISBN:9780325053608
  • Publisher:Heinemann

Veteran teacher and author Linda Rief has inspired thousands of practitioners across the nation to lead adolescent students on a journey to becoming lifelong readers and writers.  In Read Write Teach, Linda offers the what, how, and why of a year’s worth of reading and writing for middle and high school students with a framework that is as flexible as it is comprehensive.

“…This book isn’t a compilation of tear-out reproducibles designed to help us replicate Linda’s practices,” writes Maja Wilson in the foreword.  “Instead, it’s the most powerful gift that a master teacher can give us: the story of her thinking and feeling as she teaches.” Linda’s insights and beliefs are woven throughout a comprehensive overview of best literacy practices, which include:

  • Essentials in the reading-writing workshop
  • Grounding our choices in our beliefs
  • Getting to know ourselves and our students as readers and writers.

Students’ voices, through examples of their writing, drawing, and thinking, resonate throughout the book and characterize the thoughtful readers, writers, and citizens of the world that they become under Linda’s guidance.

Online companion resources include all of the handouts that Linda uses in her own classroom.

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