Reading and Writing Genre with Purpose in K-8 Classrooms

  • Title:Reading and Writing Genre with Purpose in K-8 Classrooms
  • Author:Nell Duke , Samantha Caughlan , Mary Juzwik , Nicole Martin
  • Publication Date:November 2011
  • Grade Level:K-8
  • ISBN:9780325037349
  • Publisher:Heinemann

Too many U.S. classrooms lack a colorful compelling context for reading and writing, resulting in flat, uninspired, formulaic writing by students. Reading and Writing Genre with Purpose in K–8 Classrooms is designed to help pre- and inservice teachers, literacy coaches, and reading specialists question status quo ways of working with language and texts, replace weaker practices with better ones, and change the way genre is taught.

Drawing from theory and research that suggests students learn better and more deeply when learning is contextualized and genuinely motivated, the book presents five guiding principles for teaching genre. Emphasizing purposeful communication, it will guide you through teaching students to read, write, speak, and listen to different real-world genres that inspire and engage them. Nell Duke, Samantha Caughlan, Mary Juzwik, and Nicole Martin:

  •  identify commonly used assignments and practices for teaching genre that are fundamentally flawed and explain why
  • offer inspiring alternative practices, grounded in research and illustrated in real projects in real classrooms
  • show how the five guiding principles come to life in reading and writing projects across the whole K–8 grade span
  • provide planning sheets and other tools and tips that will allow you to manage genre-with-purpose instruction in your classroom.

This book is about teaching genre differently—with purpose. Reading and Writing Genre with Purpose in K–8 Classrooms will help you reinvigorate your teaching.

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