School Integration Matters

  • Title:School Integration Matters: Research-Based Strategies to Advance Equity
  • Author:Edited by: Erica Frankenberg, Liliana Garces, Megan Hopkins
  • Publication Date:April 2016
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9780807757550
  • Publisher:Teachers College Press

More than 60 years after the Brown v. Board of Education decision declared segregated schooling inherently unequal, this timely book sheds light on how and why U.S. schools are experiencing increasing segregation along racial, socioeconomic, and linguistic lines. It offers policy and programmatic alternatives for advancing equity and describes the implications for students and more broadly for the nation. The authors look at the structural and legal roots of inequity in the United States educational system and examine opportunities to support integration efforts across the educational pipeline (pre-k to higher education). 

School Integration Matters examines:

  • The need to increase school integration to advance equity.
  • The roots of persisting inequity in U.S. schools.
  • Current practices that adversely affect historically marginalized groups.
  • K–12 integration and bilingual education policy.
  • The challenges and opportunities to advancing integration within higher education.
  • Future directions and policy recommendations for pursuing integration for equity.


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