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Science is Simple

  • Title:Science is Simple: Over 250 Activities for Preschoolers
  • Author:Peggy Ashbrook
  • Publication Date:2003
  • Grade Level:PreK
  • ISBN:9780876592724
  • Publisher:Gryphon House

Over 250 Activities for Preschoolers

What do seeds need to grow? What can the wind do? What is dirt?
Like learning to count or read, understanding the fascinating world of science is an essential skill. This innovative book encourages three-to-six-year olds to predict outcomes, ask questions, and investigate answers. Watch preschoolers develop essential observational and analytical skills as they eagerly jump into the hands-on, interactive process that is science.

Science Is Simple contains 250 activities spanning 39 kid-pleasing science concepts. From magnets to bubbles, insects to volcanoes, there are experiments to interest each and every child. Budding scientists will “have a ball” learning about objects in motion or feeling the texture of their own homemade paper. Future astronauts will immerse themselves in making a rocket ship and watching it blast off! Children will be captivated as they learn about science and the role it plays in their everyday lives.

Science Is Simple includes:

  • Individual exploration ideas as well as group activities
  • An appendix with a list of science websites and other resources
  • An extensive list of suggested children’s literature related to the science concepts
  • Letters to parents that explain each concept that their child explores
  • Open-ended questions that encourage self-discovery, creative thinking, and new ways of problem solving
  • Enough fun experiments to keep the children in your classroom learning all year long
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