• Title:Story: Still the Heart of Literacy Learning
  • Author:Katie Egan Cunningham
  • Publication Date:October 2015
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781625310248
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Stories surround us, support us, and sustain us. We see and hear them when walking down the street, on our digital newsfeeds, in our interactions with one another, in the ways our students play, and in literature, poetry, music, images, multimedia, and dramatic works.

While acknowledging the importance of teaching students strategies to read different kinds of text, to write across genres, and to speak and listen with purpose, Katie Egan Cunningham reminds us that when we bridge strategy with the power of story, we deepen literacy learning and foster authentic engagement. Story: Still the Heart of Literacy Learning compels us to ask crucial questions: Why do stories matter? Whose stories count? Where do stories live? How do stories come alive? How do we build stories? How do we talk about stories? And why does this work take courage?

Katie shares her story as a classroom teacher, literacy specialist, staff developer, and professor. She shows teachers how to create classrooms of caring and inquisitive readers, writers, and storytellers. Katie explains specific ways to build a classroom library that reflects our diverse society through rich, purposeful, and varied texts. She also provides numerous examples of multigenre and multimodal stories from children's and young adult literature, poetry, songs, and multimedia. The practical toolkit at the end of each chapter demonstrates how to make stories come alive in any classroom.


Author Bio

Katie Egan Cunningham is currently an Assistant Professor in the Literacy Department at Manhattanville College, where she teaches courses in children’s and young adult literature, new technologies and critical literacies, literacy research, and methods. She is also a literacy consultant with LitLife, a national staff development organization. As a consultant, she supports teachers to design curriculum from a workshop-based framework. She also routinely conducts demonstration lessons and supports teachers through various studies of practice. Most recently, her work has focused on what is meant by close reading, building text sets, and supporting students through small group instruction. Katie is also coauthor of the blog The Classroom Bookshelf. Each week one author of the site writes a book review and a series of teaching invitations for a new children’s or young adult book published in the current year. The site is based on the power of text sets to deepen literacy learning. Authors of the blog think about literacy as a site of possibility and highlight stories, nonfiction books, narrative nonfiction, and poetry that they believe will strengthen learning, engagement, and wonder in any classroom.

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