Super Teaching (4/e)

  • Title:Super Teaching: Over 1000 Practical Strategies (4/e)
  • Author:Eric Jensen
  • Publication Date:September 2009
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781412963329
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

In the fourth edition of Super Teaching, brain expert Eric Jensen examines how students learn and how instruction changes a student's brain. This powerful guide offers more than 1,000 brain research–based teaching strategies and ready-to-implement instructional tools for engaging students, boosting learner memory, and meeting the needs of all learners.

In this completely revised edition, readers will find helpful features such as previews at the beginning of each chapter, reflective questions, affirmations, sidebars, bulleted lists, and quotable quotes. The author shows teachers how to improve instructional effectiveness, plan standards-based lessons, and optimize student learning with practical techniques such as:

  • Matching instruction with learners' developmental stages
  • Responding to unique learning styles with differentiated techniques
  • Using assessment as part of instruction
  • Addressing the learning needs of students in poverty
  • Managing students' emotions with music and energizers
  • Practicing positive teaching mind-sets to enhance student results

Use this practical resource to combine best practices with brain-friendly instruction and create a thriving learning environment that advances students' academic achievement.


Author Bio

Eric Jensen is a former teacher and current member of the Society for Neuroscience and New York Academy of Sciences. He has taught at all levels, from elementary through university level and is currently completing his PhD in human development. In 1981, Jensen cofounded SuperCamp, the nation’s first and largest brain-compatible learning program, now with over 50,000 graduates. He has since written Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Brain-Based Learning, Deeper Learning, Arts with the Brain in Mind, Enriching the Brain, Teaching with Poverty in Mind, and 21 other books on learning and the brain.


A leader in the brain-based movement, Jensen has made over 45 visits to neuroscience labs and interacts with countless neuroscientists. He was the founder of the Learning Brain EXPO and has trained educators and trainers for 25 years worldwide in this field. He is deeply committed to making a positive, significant, lasting difference in the way we learn.

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