Surviving and Thriving

  • Title:Surviving and Thriving
  • Author:Maria Carty
  • Publication Date:2010
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781551382517
  • Publisher:Pembroke

Classroom organization and management are essential elements of strong teaching and meaningful learning. A thoughtfully organized classroom with effective and well-established routines and procedures helps to create an environment that promotes and encourages learning.

This handy book helps teachers envision such a classroom. Surviving and Thriving provides practical tips that teachers can put into action before, during, and after the learning.

Before Class: What routines and procedures do teachers need to consider before students arrive in the classroom each year and each day? …Routines …Time and Planning …Physical Space …Materials

During Class: How will students and teachers function during class time as they interact with each other and with the learning situation? …Grouping …Transitions …Refocusing …Encouraging Discussion …Reporting Out …Checking Understanding …Documenting Learning

After Class: What can the teacher do after the students leave to ensure the smooth transition from one day to the next? …Recordkeeping


Author Bio

Maria Carty always knew that she wanted to become a teacher. "Both of my parents were teachers and it is something I worked toward my entire life. As a child I would play school with my younger brother. This led to teaching swimming lessons and volunteering in schools as a teenager, and then ultimately to attending Nova Scotia Teachers College to become an elementary school teacher." Maria later transitioned to teaching middle-level grades, thanks to "a wise principal" she once had. "She saw in me the potential to work with adolescents. When faced with a choice between kindergarten class or a grade 7 class, I was leaning toward kindergarten. She counseled me to try seventh grade, and I have enjoyed working with middle level students and teachers ever since." Different groups need different professional development experiences, Maria says, so in PD sessions she always tries to be hands-on and practical, and to provide teachers with an experience they can take away and try in their classrooms. When writing a book, Maria maintains that the best approach is to "sit down and go at it. "I write down everything I can think of, then try to add more. Then there is the revision, adding even more things, and removing others. I look for gaps and try to fill these in. I think about what teachers need in order to be able to walk away and try ideas."

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