Take Charge of Anger

  • Title:Take Charge of Anger
  • Author:Gill Hasson
  • Publication Date:July 2019
  • Grade Level:3
  • ISBN:9781631984570
  • Publisher:Free Spirit Publishing

Everyone gets angry, including kids. But when anger strikes, it can often feel overwhelming and hard to control. In this picture book, readers find ways to manage their emotions and feel calmer.

Strategies for cooling down and coping with anger are clearly explained, from using breathing exercises and doing an “angry dance” to seeking help from trusted and caring adults.

Paired with the text are friendly and reassuring illustrations featuring diverse children in a variety of situations. Readers will enjoy seeing kids their own age as they learn how to deal with anger in healthy ways.

At the back of the book, kids will find a special section with additional ideas and activities they can use to deal with angry feelings and thoughts. Also included at the end of the book is a note to caregivers with advice on helping children understand and use the tools and methods from the book.

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