Teach to Develop Talent

  • Title:Teach to Develop Talent: How to Motivate and Engage Tomorrow's Innovators Today
  • Author:Jeanne L. Paynter
  • Publication Date:January 2021
  • ISBN:9781071812556
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Nurture real-world talent in any classroom.

Are you cultivating the skills employers need most? Or have we leaned so far into curriculum content standards that we've left no room for long-range aims and talent development, leaving our students bored and unmotivated? Counter the trend and focus instead on fostering content expertise, metacognition, and leadership skills alongside the standards with this new brain-based model. Teach to Develop Talent applies the psychology of motivation, engagement, and achievement to identify practical strategies that educators can use to develop students' cognitive and social-emotional skills in every class: curiosity, creativity, perseverance, reasoning, persistence, empathy, and more. With this book, you can.

  • Transform any curriculum or standards into long-term aims for talent development
  • Track data and master the content with dozens of customizable checklists, templates, rubrics, and surveys
  • Engage all learners, especially gifted students

Set your students up for long-range and multi-faceted success with this hands-on guide.

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