Teaching Sprints

  • Title:Teaching Sprints: How Overloaded Educators Can Keep Getting Better
  • Author:Simon Breakspear, Bronwyn Ryrie Jones
  • Publication Date:January 2021
  • ISBN:9781506340401
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Enhance teachers' expertise - in every term, every school year.

Teachers and school leaders have ambitious goals, but improvement work in busy schools is hard. Eminently practical and field tested around the globe, the evidence-informed process outlined in this book will provide you with a framework for robust, sustainable and powerful professional learning. No matter your years of experience or level of expertise, Teaching Sprints will support you to enhance your expertise in a way that is sustainable on the ground.

In Teaching Sprints, readers will find:

  • three big ideas about practice improvement
  • a detailed description of a simple improvement process
  • advice on how to establish a routine for continual improvement
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