Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Volume 2

  • Title:Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Volume 2: 25 More Formative Assessment Probes
  • Author:Page Keeley, Francis Eberle, Joyce Tugel
  • Publication Date:April 2007
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9780873552738
  • Publisher:Corwin Press/NSTA

If Hollywood were filming this sequel, the studio would call it Probes 2: More Battles Against Misunderstandings. Like the blockbuster that came before it, Volume 2 of Uncovering Student Ideas in Science will reveal the surprising misconceptions students bring to the classroom so you can adjust your teaching to replace those ideas with a sound understanding of science. The field-tested features from Volume 1 are all here. The 25 new probes are short, easy-to-administer activities designed to determine what students at every grade level know (or think they know) about core science topics. The probes come all ready to reproduce. Accompanying teacher materials explain science content, note links to national standards, and suggest grade-appropriate ways to present material so students will learn it accurately. But where Volume 1 emphasized physical science, Volume 2 covers more life science and Earth and space science probes. New topic areas include forms of matter, changes in matter, living things and life processes, rocks and landforms, the day/night cycle, and objects in the night sky. Volume 2 also suggests ways to embed the probes throughout the course of your instruction, not just when starting a unit or topic.


Author Bio

Page Keeley is the Senior Science Program Director at the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, where she directs projects in the areas of leadership, standards-based curriculum and instruction, formative assessment, professional development design, and instructional coaching. She has directed several major National Science Foundation–funded projects and has authored nine books and several chapters and journal articles. She provides professional development and consultation services to school districts, math-science partnership (MSP) projects, university programs, and math/science organizations throughout the United States; she is also a frequent keynote presenter at national conferences.

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