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Untangling the Web

  • Title:Untangling the Web: 20 Tools to Power Up Your Teaching
  • Author:Stephen Dembo, Adam Bellow
  • Publication Date:June 2013
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781483333205
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

20 of the best web tools to enrich classroom experiences

Among thousands of emerging online learning resources, which are the most engaging? Few educators have time to find those that engage and allow students’ creative content expression while meeting core area standards. Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow, recognized innovative educators, take away the guesswork with Untangling the Web.

Discover 20 free websites and tools—flexible enough for kindergarten through high school use—and learn how to leverage technology to transform classroom experiences. More than a “how-to” guide, you’ll receive access to:

  • A web site with videos for richer, in-depth exploration;
  • An online community where you can connect and collaborate with educators;
  • Advice, tips, tricks, and bite-sized anecdotes from ed tech leaders.

Add these 20 tools to your teaching tool kit and you’ll energize student learning, foster collaboration, and infuse creativity into your classroom!


Author Bio

Adam Bellow is one of today's leading speakers on educational technology and infusing technology to aid school reformation. Bellow is a sought-after speaker in the because of his particular high-speed delivery which blends humor and rapid-fire visuals.

As a former kindergarten teacher and school Director of Technology, Steve Dembo is a pioneer in the field of educational social networking. Dembo is a dynamic speaker on the capabilities of social networking, the power of educational technologies and Web 2.0 tools, and the ability of digital content to empower teachers to improve student achievement.

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