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Using Technology to Enhance Writing

  • Title:Using Technology to Enhance Writing: Innovative Approaches to Literacy Instruction
  • Author:Richard Ferdig, Timothy Rasinski, Kristine Pytash
  • Publication Date:June 2014
  • ISBN:9781936764976
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, there is a renewed focus on developing writing skills and, along with it, awareness that the new digital technologies have much to contribute in this vital area. Learn how to integrate technology into writing instruction with this handbook full of innovative ideas from an eclectic group of educators.


  • Find out how digital technology can facilitate grammar instruction, prewriting and brainstorming exercises, editing, revising, peer review, assessment, and collaborative writing.
  • Equip yourself with and learn how to model strategies that help students brainstorm, plan, and organize their writing.
  • Discover how the natural interplay between reading and writing can be used to strengthen both of these processes.
  • Capitalize on the capability students have to move their writing through multiple storage locations and technologies—from school computers and smartphones to laptops and tablets.
  • Explore the need for students to know why they are writing and for whom.
  • Develop your students’ understanding of voice, and teach them how to manage deadlines and other responsibilities of authorship.
  • Examine the process of not just fixing mistakes, but also understanding the root issues that drive writing errors.
  • Address the issue of assessing writing in ways that lead to positive growth in writing skill.

Author Bio

Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D., is a professor of education at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Tim has written over 150 articles and has edited and/or authored over 12 books on reading education. His scholarly interests include reading fluency and word study, reading in the elementary and middle grades, and readers who struggle.

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