Vocabulary Unplugged

  • Title:Vocabulary Unplugged: 30 Lessons That Will Revolutionize How You Teach Vocabulary K-12
  • Author:Alana Morris
  • Publication Date:December 2007
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781931492119
  • Publisher:Discover Writing

VOCABULARY UNPLUGGED'S goal as a book is to share neurocentric ways to unplug vocabulary and spelling instruction so that words are not merely memorized in the name of the most current curriculum, but rather truly learned and owned by students; The goal is to have words actually permeate students speech as well as their writing.

The strategies proffered in Vocabulary Unplugged are not bound to a specific age or grade level, as they draw on accepted knowledge of the brain, memory and learning, whether the learner is five, fifteen, or seventy-nine.

So, slip inside these pages and unplug the lists, the passivity, and the overhead. Get out of the dark classroom, and discover the energy that emerges from the thirty activities and variations herein as we plug in color, movement, poetry, history, music, and numerous other ways of exploring words within meaningful contexts; The 30 brain-appropriate activities will revitalize your hope that ALL students can improve their vocabulary, reminding everyone that learning doesn't have to be banal, dull or without energy.

You will discover information and lessons on:

  • Helping students remember the words they learn
  • Using music to explore words
  • Guiding students success through meaningful instruction
  • Playing with Words to engage learning
  • Using movement to enhance vocabulary
  • Improving memory and vocabulary acquisition through color
  • Understanding the importance of history in vocabulary development
  • Harnessing the power of poetry to build word knowledge
  • Exploring patterns to create dynamic vocabulary lessons
  • Including context for assuring success in word study
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