Yellow Brick Roads

  • Title:Yellow Brick Roads: Shared and guided Paths to independent Reading, 4-12
  • Author:Janet Allen
  • Publication Date:January 2000
  • Grade Level:4-12
  • ISBN:9781571103192
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Do you spend your days working with students who struggle to comprehend reading in literacy and content classes? Are you looking for a way to establish comprehensive literacy instruction in your school or classroom so all students receive support in becoming competent and confident readers?

In Yellow Brick Roads, Janet Allen offers research-based methods for helping teachers move toward these goals. This book provides research, practical methods, detailed strategies, and resources for read-aloud, shared, guided, and independent reading. In addition, Janet outlines solutions for many of the literacy dilemmas that teachers face every day:

  • understanding what gets in the way of reading;
  • rethinking and reorganizing time and resources;
  • providing support for content literacy;
  • developing assessment practices that inform instruction;
  • supporting reading as a path to writing instruction;
  • establishing professional communities to support individual and school-wide needs-based research.

The appendixes include graphic organizers to support strategy lessons, suggestions of titles for building classroom libraries, as well as web sites and professional resources that support the teaching of reading.

Yellow Brick Roads will give you rich ideas, detailed strategies, and literature support for implementing those strategies. At a time when many are looking for that elusive wizard to solve students' reading problems, this book helps you create your own paths to effective literacy environments.


Author Bio

Janet Allen is an international consultant recognized for her comprehensive work in reading education. After teaching reading and English for nearly twenty years in Maine, Janet relocated to the University of Central Florida where she taught reading, writing and English education courses; directed the Central Florida Writing Project; and, assisted in the creation of the Orange County Literacy Project. She is now a full-time researcher, writer, and consultant in schools and districts involved in rethinking their approaches to literacy and learning.

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