Young Children’s Mathematics

  • Title:Young Children’s Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction in Early Childhood Education
  • Author:Thomas Carpenter, Megan Franke, Nicholas Johnson, Angela Chan Turrou, Anita Wager
  • Publication Date:October 2016
  • Grade Level:PreK-1
  • ISBN:9780325078120
  • Publisher:Heinemann

"Young children are naturally curious and observant, and enter school ready to connect their rich informal understandings about the world around them to their experiences in classrooms.”

—Thomas Carpenter, Megan Franke, Nicholas Johnson, Angela Chan Turrou, and Anita Wager

Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) has helped hundreds of thousands of teachers better understand how their students think mathematically. Young Children’s Mathematics, the newest addition to the CGI family of books, explores the development of mathematical understanding in the youngest learners. Young children’s everyday lives are full of mathematically-related conversation and play—and they enter school ready to make connections with these informal experiences. This book helps teachers recognize opportunities for making these connections by examining:

  • How children apply their emerging counting skills to problem solving situations
  • How teachers effectively engage with young learners to support their mathematical development
  • How noticing the details of what children can do helps us to build on their partial understandings
  • Ways to bridge children’s mathematical worlds at home and school

Reinforced with classroom video clips, Young Children’s Mathematics provides an in-depth, research-based look at how children’s early learning develops and how teachers can authentically promote this kind of sense-making in mathematics.


Author Bio

Megan Loef Franke is a Professor in the Graduate Department of Education at UCLA. Megan is known for her work on Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), her leadership in UCLA's Center X, and her ongoing professional development work to support teachers, schools, and communities.

Since completing her PhD in the UCLA, Angela Chan Turrou has since pursued a career as a researcher and educator, working at the intersection of children’s mathematical thinking, student engagement, and teacher learning in early childhood and elementary school settings. Alongside the research work, Angela regularly engages with groups of teachers in professional development settings across Southern California, focusing primarily on Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI).

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