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QEP is an Approved Vendor in Texas and New Mexico

Are you interested in purchasing some books or videos using a school district purchase order but you are unsure if QEP is on your district’s approved vendor list? Know that QEP has been an awarded vendor on Texas and New Mexico school districts for more than 30 years. We are diligent about maintaining our approved vendor status on school districts across these two states so you can have uninterrupted service from us.

QEP offers your school district one-stop shopping for over 40 educational publishers including: Stenhouse, Corwin Press, Heinemann Professional, Scholastic, ILA, ASCD, Solution Tree, and Jossey-Bass. We also represent many smaller publishers in order to provide you an opportunity to view their professional resources. Our goal is to simplify the ordering process making your shopping experience efficient and with a personal touch.

If you need to speak with someone at QEP regarding our vendor status with your district or if you need a current W-9 form, please ask for Catherine McGough at
800-323-6787 or e-mail at cmcgough@qepbooks.com